We will fly from Wroclaw to London Heathrow from July 1 to September 26 every Thursday and Sunday at 11:35 am. Landing in the capital of England is scheduled for 12:45 local time. In the opposite direction, the flight will take off at 7:35 AM and the flight will end at 10:45 PM. Tickets can now be booked on the online carrier system. Flights will be suspended for the winter season. They will return again in the summer of 2022. Thanks to them, the people of Lower Silesia will gain a connection with almost the whole world.

The past year has been a difficult period of austerity and isolation. I am convinced that many residents of Lower Silesia are already dreaming of some rest and planning their holidays abroad. This connection will definitely be relevant to them when looking for flights not only to Great Britain, but also to many countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia or Africa. – He says Cesare Przybylski, Marshal of Lower Silesia.

The strangeness is straight from Wroclaw

At the moment, there are connections from Wroclaw to London Luton and London Stansted. However, none of these airports have as huge transit capabilities as London Heathrow, from which more than 1,100 aircraft depart from each day to all parts of the world. The communications network includes, among others, European countries (including popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca, Ibiza and Crete), the United States, India, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Pakistan, Nigeria, and many more. London Heathrow Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe in terms of the number of passengers served each year. For example, in 2019 there were approximately 81 million of them.

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The enormous potential of London Heathrow Airport is a great opportunity for residents of Lower Silesia to get acquainted with the world and rest after several difficult months of epidemic restrictions. I am convinced that while maintaining security standards, it will be possible to implement plans that should have been postponed already a year ago this summer – He says Grzegorz Macko, Deputy Field Marshal for Lower Silesia.

More air connections from Wroclaw

Wroclaw Airport is constantly developing its network of connections. The airlines cooperating with the company are working to restore flights suspended by the coronavirus pandemic, and are also making new proposals. This year, there will be more than 50 destinations mainly offered by low-cost airlines, numerous network connections and charters by travel agencies. Thanks to this, we will fly directly from Wroclaw to countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Norway, as well as Iceland and Zanzibar.

Every year, Wroclaw expands its transportation offer, and the flight schedule for this summer season is expected to be more exciting than usual. During the summer holidays, you will be able to travel directly from Wroclaw to many countries in Europe and beyond – He says Tymoteusz Myrda, Board Member of the County of Lower Silesia. – I hope this year we can begin to rebuild tourism, which is of great importance to Lower Silesia. We want to host foreign tourists and enable our residents to travel. European air connections are also a great convenience for people who work abroad, but still consider Lower Silesia their home – He adds.

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Taking into account the extremely attractive offer of carriers and the increasing number of vaccinated and recuperated people, Wroclaw estimates that passenger traffic this summer will be much greater than last year.

We appreciate new products that passengers will definitely love. Last year’s show of PLL LOT Summer Trips from Wroclaw was well received and we think it will be the same this year too. We are all hungry for a vacation so we welcome any additional opportunity. ” Cesare Pakamage, Vice President of Wroclaw Airport.

First – security

At Wroclaw Airport (parking B), a diagnostic point is available every day, where rapid tests for coronavirus: antigen and genomic are performed using the Real Time-gPCR method. Anyone wishing to use the services of the point staff, not necessarily during or after the end of the flight (within and outside the Schengen area).

Examples of countries airlines fly to from London Heathrow:

  • USA (including New York, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington),
  • Doha, Qatar) ,
  • United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi),
  • China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao),
  • Japan (Tokyo),
  • Kingdom of Bahrain (Bahrain),
  • Nigeria (Lagos),
  • India (Bombay, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Madras, Kochi, Kolkata),
  • Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary),
  • Mexico,
  • Jordanian (Amman),
  • Ethiopia (Addis Ababa),
  • Lebanon (Beirut),
  • Pakistan (Lahore),
  • Saudi Arabia Riyadh) ,
  • Nigeria (Abuja),
  • Argentina (Goya, Buenos Aires),
  • Caribbean Islands (Grand Cayman),
  • Kenya (Nairobi),
  • Barbados (Bridgetown),
  • Malaysia Kuala Lumpur) ,
  • Thailand (Bangkok),
  • Brazilian (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo),
  • Cuba (Huana),
  • RPA (Johannesburg),
  • South Korea (Seoul),
  • Sri Lanka (Colombo).