American diplomacy has put us in trouble, which is no longer planted on Twitter – says Dr. Janusz Sepura, diplomatic historian and expert on diplomatic protocol.

There was no phone call from US President Joe Biden to Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, nor the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken.
Such a call from Biden will not last. Like Joe Biden’s personal meeting with President Duda. One of the first 30 calls, Blinken made, among others, to Ukraine. The phone call was the 25th in a row. Sweden, which has very important tasks within the OSCE, was 23. At this point, what can be inferred from the record of this conversation, Sweden is the most important partner in the region for the United States of America – a stable, predictable and desired partner. On the 26th call, Blinken made a call to Switzerland, which is helping countries in Iran. On the other hand, the phone of Jake Sullivan (National Security Adviser) was sent to Poland, whose counterpart in Polish Palace Diplomacy serves as advisor to President Duda, BBN boss, Paweoch Soloch.

Jake Sullivan is a security man. The American military presence in our country and the eastern wing of NATO was part of this talk?
However, Jake Sullivan is a lower-ranked official than Anthony Blinken. Additionally, both sides perceive the effects of this conversation slightly differently. At the press conference, Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szchirsky announced the good news as successful, noting, among other things, that the prospects for the meeting of the two heads of state had opened and that the priorities of Polish-American relations had not changed. In my opinion, it was at least inconspicuous. We know that President Biden suspended Trump’s decision to reduce the battalion from Germany, some of which were to be transferred to Poland. Therefore, it must be concluded that these hundreds of American soldiers will not be stationed near the border with Russia. But neither the media nor official analysts are asking about this issue, let alone opposition politicians. But in my opinion, the phone call that Jacek Sullivan made was about two current issues important to American policy – establishing common positions on Alexei Navalny in Russia and the Belarus issue. The US statement describing the conversation with the Polish side contains one universal sentence that may refer to Russia and Belarus as well as Hungary and Poland.

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Is it related to the rule of law?
In diplomatic communications, the most important thing often comes at the end. This is also the case here. The US administration affirms, as Joe Biden himself said in his speech, that it will strengthen democracy and the rule of law human rightsIncluding LGBT minorities. It reminds me a bit of a conversation between President Duda and Obama during the NATO summit in Warsaw, when the then-president of the United States spoke of his concern about the rule of law and democratic institutions in Poland. Then Andre Duda turned red. Jake Sullivan stressed the importance of climate policy – understood differently than we are – and the Three Seas Project. The new administration weakens all of this in the broad concept of revitalizing transatlantic relations. This phone also shows us how US diplomacy will work now.

America is back, diplomacy is back – Biden said in one of his speeches.

The State Department was somehow honored by the new US president – he was the first to visit Joe Biden. Thus he referred to the role of diplomacy in his era. Biden himself decided that it must be rebuilt. She said she was so damaged after Trump’s rule that she needed physical changes – that is, to replace the former president’s candidates with professional diplomats. Biden also talks about “public diplomacy,” which is a broad understanding of diplomatic action. It definitely won’t be Twitter diplomacy. It will also be necessary to change the role of US diplomacy in the world. The phrase “destiny”, understood as the mission of promoting democracy, and which prevents the United States from being absent from the international arena, should be noted. Trump was destroying professional American diplomacy. Nevertheless, it is still a huge machine internationally, a massive eighteen-wheeled truck that drives between passenger cars, albeit a bit broken, with some parts made in home workshops. It will work better when the parts are replaced with original ones. The current administration is well prepared for this role. Obama and Biden made many mistakes, for example in Syria and Afghanistan. They know it, and they’ve had four years to think about it. On the one hand, I will temper the admiration – the Americans, although Biden will be harsh towards Putin and China, will practice realpolitik from the perspective of leading the American world. We already have the first effect – Biden’s phone conversation with Putin gave both two or three years to negotiate a new deal on arms cuts.

You have mentioned that the chances of a new US president arriving in Poland in the near future are slim.
Biden will come if the strategic interests of the United States require it. When analyzing the list of 30 phone calls from Biden and Blinken, it can be seen that Poland is not trapped in the “first basket” of priority US partners. More – we’ve put us in the corner for now. The easiest way to meet the Doda Biden will be during the NATO and UN General Assembly summits in September. Our diplomacy will strive for that, and hopefully it will not be the elevator meeting.

Remember the new US administration Andre Duda’s late congratulations to Joe Biden and his personal relationship with Donald Trump?
Certainly, all of these unprofessional, non-standard behavior of Polish palace diplomacy in Washington was recorded. It was a diplomatic mistake to congratulate Biden only on the campaign trail, then a prolonged wait for the voters’ decision weakened Poland’s position. To make matters worse, President Duda, upon being questioned in a popular TV interview on the issue, insisted that everything was done according to the rules, while his decisions were indefensible. In my opinion, it was a symptom of a weakening of our diplomacy, a lack of a sense of political realism. Personal relationships should not be confused with the interests of the state.

Commentators point out that during the presidency of the late Lech Kaczyński, he invested in contacts with the environment of the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Barack Obama.
It was a good course of action. Kissinger said diplomacy requires broad prospects and a long breath.

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