The designers from The Design Group prove that classic style can be a good choice for a modern office space. They do this for example the Warsaw headquarters of the German pharmaceutical company Stada.

  • Design Group designed the interior of the headquarters of the German pharmaceutical company Stada in Warsaw, which is located in the office complex of The Park Warsaw.
  • The office is located on one of the floors of The Park complex. The investor wanted to design the office space.
  • The architects focused on classic solutions enriched with industrial elements.

The low-rise buildings are cut by interestingly arranged courtyards and green spaces. On them – carefully selected species of trees, shrubs and flowers. It should be green and different from the center of the capital. And, by the way, the self-sufficiency of the complex and its equipment, among others, in banks, shops, restaurants or fitness clubs, in order to ensure 100% work comfort and improve its efficiency. The office of the Polish branch of the pharmaceutical company Stada also found its place here.

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offices only

Stada is headquartered in Warsaw on one of the floors of The Park complex. With a total area of ​​about 800 square meters, the investor chose this space due to the design of the office he was interested in because the cooperation between the TDG studio and the Polish branch of Stady began in the fall of 2020.

Stada was looking for a desk with a closet design. In the end, the investor decided to rent one of the floors in The Park complex with a total area of ​​about 800 square meters. Then in the fall of 2020, the Polish subsidiary of Stada collaborated with the studio TDG and the dedicated project team consisting of: Krusiewicz, starting in the fall of 2020, Martyna Bosek, Ewelina Mężyńska and Marta Konarska.

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– Since the beginning of our collaboration with Stada, the client has assured that despite the pandemic, most employees want to work from the office. It turns out that the design of the office is well suited for this situation, since rooms surrounded by walls are much safer. Therefore, there was no need to introduce additional division of the area. However, the design of rooms for more than 40 people from the Polish team Stada requires us to think carefully about the arrangement and functionality of the space. – He says Arch. Konrad Krusevich, founder of TDG.

Unclear mix

TDG engineers decided to move the unhurried atmosphere of The Park into the Stada office. So they chose classic solutions enriched with industrial elements.

– The investor wanted the office to be comfortable, but also not lacking in elements that emphasize timelessness. The indoor climate was meant to be friendly, with lots of green space, and a good working atmosphere preferred. Our first ideas and inspirations impressed the client almost immediately and he fully trusted us in the next stages of the office design. Finally, we focused on classic solutions, which we diversified with elements of an industrial style. – explain Arch. Martina Bosque z TDG.