Bydgoszcz (12/06), Jestro (06/26), Gdansk (03/07) and Rybnik (10/07) – in these cities, motorcyclists will compete for the title of European champion in 2021. The stakes are excellent, the fight must continue For medals until the last races. A year ago, Robert Lambert won the gold, Leon Madsen and Gregory Agota were on the other podiums. Mikkel Michelsen and Bartosz Smektaa also held their places in the series.

The elder agut brothers resigned in April. The Russian was replaced by the sixth contender in last year’s competition – Nikki Pedersen. Winners of the pass to the finals in Pardubice in the Czech Republic (SEC Challenge): Patrick Dudek, Daniel Beoli, Sergej Chugachev, Andrei Lepidio and Patrick Hansen. The organizers then awarded five permanent “Wild Cards” to Pyotr Pawliky, Kai Hockenbeck, Timo Lahti, Vaclav Milik and David Bailey. In Bydgoszcz, the injured Frenchman will be replaced by Jacob Thorsel (first substitute).

The class was completed by Wadim Tarasienko. Local highway racer Abramczyk of Polonia only got “brutal” on the Bydgoszcz Tour. Patrick Doddick rubbing his hands, one of the favorites in the entire series. For me, appearing in the European Championship rounds is very important. Withdrawing from the Grand Prix of these events is a little lower. By the way, by winning the European Championship, you are directly promoted to the World Championship. There is great hope, especially since I want to get back to the Grand Prix as soon as possible. I feel like my place is there. He said at a recent press conference.

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Saturday’s tournament will definitely be a great experience for the benches. Matthews Tonder deserved distinction with his latest performance. Unexpectedly, the 22-year-old was the surest link in Falubaz. The role of “track reserve” will be played by 16-year-old Wiktor Przyjemski, who was only behind his debut in the eWinner 1st League. You will see bydjos’ talent with his own eyes what great professions look like from the inside, which may be an incentive for him to work more thoroughly.

Starting list (first round of the SEC in Bydgoszcz):

1 – Piotr Pawliky (Poland)

2 – Vadim Tarasenko (Russia)

3 – Patrick Hansen (Dania)

4 – Patrik Dudek (Poland)

5 – Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark)

6 – Bartosz Smkta (Poland)

7 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)

8 – Nikki Pedersen (Denmark)

9 – Jacob Thorsel (Sweden)

10 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain)

11 – Kai Hockenbeck (Germany)

12 – Timo Lahti (Finland)

13 – Vaclav Melek (Czech Republic)

14 – Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)

15 – Sergey Logachev (Russia)

16 – Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)

R1. Mateusz Tonder (Poland)

R2. Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland)

The start of the competition: 19:30.