Since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in 2004, a whole new era in the Premier League has come. The Russian player has outraged the entire football community in the British Isles by spending huge sums on footballers. Later, there was a domino effect and more clubs were bought by billionaires from behind the borderWho tried to follow in Abramovich’s footsteps.

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Since the arrival of the Russian billionaire to Stamford Bridge, the club has begun to achieve the successes that he once dreamed of. He won the England Championship five times, the FA Cup five times, the European League twice, but most of all he won the Champions League twice.

Official: the contract was signed by Stanislav Chercheso. will be back to work

Will Abramovich finally appear at Stamford Bridge? Got a Portuguese passport

However, for a long time Abramovich had problems that did not completely depend on him. For political reasons, in 2018, a Russian visa was denied to the UK after the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal. The sanctions of the British government at that time affected many billionaires from Russia, especially those who, like Abramovich, had very close ties to the regime of Vladimir Putin. It was then that he applied for an Israeli passport, which he eventually obtained, although it did not help much. Jürgen Klopp shouted, “I have a problem with you!”

But this time, it will be different, because Abramovich has officially become a citizen of the European Union. The Russian got a Portuguese passport. In obtaining it, he used the law of 2015, according to which descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Portugal by the Inquisition can apply for citizenship. Now Abramovich will have to apply to the British authorities for permits to live and work in the country.

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