Rapper-songwriter Aitch challenged his Soccer Aid rivals with an “unbeatable” high score in a pre-party training challenge.

The 22-year-old, who lost to England in the FA last year, is preparing to fix things up at the London Stadium on Sunday 12 June – and he has put the TOCA Social on the tough front.

TOCA Social has hosted and auditioned a number of celebrities in interactive and entertaining soccer challenges, created using the same technology used at its 16 centers in the United States.

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I attended Aitch & Co. This is the venue to celebrate the new partnership between TOCA Social and Soccer Aid for UNICEF, and customers can now make donations to humanitarian and development aid for children around the world.

With Aitch at the top of the star list that includes Chunkz, Aitch, Fara Williams, Chelcee Grimes, Eni Eluko and Jack Whitehall – Jenas seemed to be impressed as he followed along.

Aich said: “No help from UNICEF celebrity football will beat my high score in TOCA Social, the day was on fire. Now I have to take that form on the pitch and score some goals at the London Stadium.

“Toca is an amazing place, my colleagues and I had a great time there – would love to help support such a great cause.”

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Aitch has announced a partnership between TOCA Social and Soccer Aid (Photo: TOCA Social)

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Located in The O2, London, TOCA Social was organized by former Premier League midfielder Eddie Lewis after he created a comprehensive training program designed to help young footballers of all abilities reach their potential with a smaller ball.

With a first-of-its-kind opening in Greenwich last summer, the team also announced a project in Birmingham with plans to create more football and entertainment venues.

Lewis said of the process: “As a professional player, I trained with the tennis ball to work on my touch and improve my skills.

O2’s TOCA Social combines both football and social experience (Photo: TOCA) Aitch looks to hit the scoresheet as England seek redemption on Soccer Aid (Photo: TOCA Social)

Fast forward to the rest of my career, and I wanted to introduce this concept to more players.

“So I spent some time designing a product that was more football-specific.

“A few years later, I launched this product, which is still doing great at 16 locations in the US, and we are very committed to training.

Team World XI lifted the trophy during Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2021 at Al Ittihad Stadium (Image: Getty Images)

“Along the way, we discovered that no matter who came for training, young or professional, they always had friends or relatives who were always willing to join in.

“There has always been something dedicated and expert, and also a complete appreciation for the team in the UK who really embraced this concept and ran with it.”

Book a game on TOCA social here: https://toca.social/ – To purchase Soccer Aid tickets for UNICEF 2022, visit www.socceraid.org.uk/tickets, where a family of four can participate for just £60.

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