The New Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ is an updated commitment to customers courtesy of SmileDirectClub. As the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, the company is reinventing how people obtain their dental services. This guarantee goes the extra mile to give customers additional services without the expected additional price tag.

To give everyone the chance at a healthier smile, customers need meaningful choices. The company’s telehealth approach is a proven way to expand dental coverage without compromising the quality of care. With the new guarantee from SmileDirectClub, customers can rest assured they’ll get everything they need to improve their oral health.

What Is the New Lifetime Smile Guarantee™?

The guarantee offers customers one free set of aligners per year should they need it. To receive this benefit, a customer must first complete clear aligner therapy and order two retainers per year. Said Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, the Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub, “Teeth naturally move throughout a person’s life, even after completing any teeth straightening service.”

As long as the customer has maintained their retainer subscription through SmileDirectClub and their prescribing dentist has approved the treatment, the free set of aligners can be the key to getting and maintaining the straighter smile they desire.

More than simply giving customers a better-looking smile, improving oral health can reduce inflammation of the gums. This benefit can help people avoid diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. When 85% of people all over the world suffer from poorly positioned teeth and only 1% of people get help for it, SmileDirectClub has access to an untapped market that desperately needs services like these.

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Serious Value to the Customer

John Sheldon, Chief Marketing Officer of SmileDirectClub, remarked that this guarantee is a way to infuse more value into the SmileDirectClub membership. The company’s premium treatment is guaranteed for life and its new policy is another way to ensure customers get unparalleled support throughout their journey to better oral health.

Some competitors of SmileDirectClub charge three times as much money for the same high-quality teeth straightening. SmileDirectClub has found a way to extend the relationship with customers so they have every opportunity to get the services and products they need. All SmileDirectClub customers will respond differently to the treatment, depending on anything from body chemistry to lifestyle.

If they need a new set of aligners after completing treatment, eligible customers can now work with their dentist or orthodontist to order the product at no additional cost to them. It gives them the chance to save even more, making the pioneering platform a practical and economical option for both current and prospective members.

The Rise of Teledentistry

All telehealth services have risen in demand across the board, particularly as better devices and high-speed internet become more ubiquitous all over the world. With the premium teledentistry services provided by SmileDirectClub, customers, doctors, and insurers are all reconsidering what oral health can look like moving forward.

Not everyone has time to constantly run to the dentist, nor do they have the funds to afford orthodontics. The most people can do is visit the dentist for preventative treatment. With SmileDirectClub and their new guarantee, customers have a way to pay better attention to their overall health without having to devote all their resources to it. However, SmileDirectClub does not replace regularly scheduled cleanings.

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SmileDirectClub ensures quality care. Just because customers are taking control of their dental health, both financially and otherwise, doesn’t mean that they won’t get the same results.

With SmileDirectClub, customers can focus on their oral health care at a lower price without having to drive for miles to access it. They also won’t need to constantly rearrange their schedule for frequent in-office visits. If teeth are shifting back to their original positions, customers can work with their dentist online, order a new aligner, and watch their smile transform.

About SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub created the first medtech platform for teeth straightening. The company’s technology and vertically integrated model offer customers safe and effective treatment without the same financial markup applied by traditional orthodontic providers. The goal of SmileDirectClub is to ensure democracy around the world, making oral care both affordable and convenient on a global scale. Headquartered in the US, the company has customers throughout North America as well as New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Austria, and the United Kingdom. The company is committed to finding ways to give customers more value from its membership services. Whether this means partnering with more insurers, finding new affiliates, or offering lifelong guarantees, SMILEDIRECTCLUB has a proven model for growth.