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June 22, 2021, 08:42

The movie based on the story presented in Red Dead Redemption 2 does not exist, but that hasn’t stopped one netizen from organizing the cast for action. Even Clint Eastwood is among the potential production team.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Even today ?? It is not only one of the best sandboxes in the game, but also a masterpiece in terms of plot and emotion. It’s true that there hasn’t been any film adaptation of this work yet (it shouldn’t come as a surprise, like work RDR 2 They last several tens of hours), but the internet user known as Alexbrennan2021 played a little guesswork and organized his own selection. On its basis, he chose famous Hollywood stars who, in his opinion, perfectly fit into the roles of the characters from the aforementioned game, and the choices made divided on reddit. And you have to admit that the cast is almost perfect?? Search for yourself:

The perfect cast of Red Dead Redemption 2?  The fan chose the actors to perfection - Illustration #1

?? Source: Alexbrennan2021, Reddit

Of course, most of the above actors are probably well known by their faces, but for the sake of order I will list their names (in order from top left to bottom right) so you can view other photos if needed, follow these stars or follow their careers.

Arthur Morgan will play Josh Brolin (Avengers: Game Over), in John Marston’s Norman Reedus (the walking Dead), and Dutcha van der Linde ?? a Jeff Bridges (big lipowski), and Hoseê Matthewsa Clint Eastwood (The good, the bad and the ugly), by Susan Grimshaw, Katie Sagal (sons of anarchy), Micah Bella Barry Pepper (Private Ryan), David Harbor, Bill Williamson (Weird things), and Javiera Escuellê Pedro Pascal (Mandalorianin), and in Uncle John C. Riley (Kong: Skull Island). Really great team, although we don’t even want to know how much it will cost to maintain. What do you think that? Maybe you see what? Other actors in specific roles?

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