Robert Lambert will always define the power of Apator Toruń. The British delegate does not hide that he has very ambitious goals. Will he be the captain of Team Toruń?

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Robert Lambert vs. Paweł Przedpełski

WP SportoweFakty / Katarzyna Łapczyńska / Pictured: Robert Lambert opposite Paweł Przedpełski

I must admit that Robert Lambert’s transfer was a bullet in “10” by Apator Toruń. Averaged 2,083 points per race, the Briton was the Angels’ first shotgun, and ninth from the entire PGE Ekstraliga. He has contributed greatly to the peaceful maintenance of this year’s newcomers.

– I think it was a good season, definitely better than the previous season. He can be seen mid-run and positioned in the TOP10 of PGE Ekstraliga. I think, looking at the match in general, it was a good match for me. I am satisfied with my achievements – Lambert confirms in an interview with Apator club media.

The British will remain part of the Toruń team. He does not hide that he has very ambitious goals. “I would like to continue to lead this team, as I did last season,” Lambert confirms, in his assessment of Apator’s transfers in this window. The team was strengthened by, among others, Patrick Dudek and Emil Sajfutdinow.

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– Looking at the names in the team, we definitely make a strong team. We will be stronger with Patrick and Emil on the team. Thanks to them, our chances in the play-offs, for which we will fight, have increased. Qualifying is our number one goal – says Lambert, one of the four regular GP 2022 participants in the Apator squad.

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In addition, the aforementioned Dudek and Sajfutdinow, as well as Paweł Przedpełski will take part in the series. – I think it’s a bit of a problem when there are four Grand Prix riders on the team. But it also means that we are a strong team. Having four passengers on the highways on a world-class level is definitely a positive, Lambert says.

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