On Monday, November 15, crowds in the gymnasium of Primary School No. 5 in Asnica. Residents came to find out what the future awaits their gardens.

They wanted specific statements, because the city’s plans for this area – the future Noworybnicka Boulevard and the park – are still very public. Andrzej Cybulski, leader of the Ogrody Działkowe Trynek group, residents, city council members (and there were only two of them – Łukasz Chmielewski and Krzysztof Procel, both from PiS Club) and city authorities said Trynek would remain a green area.

Cluba Dzielnessi

The allotment gardens occupy 7.5 hectares of the 12 hectares between Toruńska and Kochanowskiego. In the ’80s there was…a landfill here. They were socially cleansed, the residents themselves arranged their gardens, and today the pride of the region – 270 plots of land used by more than 1080 people with their families.
The land belongs to the city and it has the power to make decisions about its future. These are lease agreements made for a maximum of three years, and often for a year. This action means that the contract can be terminated at any time, which is why some do not care about their gardens, but the vast majority spend every free moment on it. – We have arranged everything for ourselves here, and there is something to be proud of. Our plots are not only a place of rest and inclusion, but the heart of the eyes of the elderly residents. It is also an important area for Trenk – the only green place. Andrzej Cybulski says: We have a noisy airport right behind the fence and a road – Rybnicka, and the landfill also adds its way.

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Longer Decades, A Path to Correction

In fact, there has been no clear indication of investment yet. In the city’s local development plan from 2010, the land was reserved for Noworybnicka Road, but that is the past, because in a decade much has changed in terms of communication in the city and the authorities have abandoned the road. – but they want to follow in his exact footsteps to manage a pedestrian and bicycle route, and in the end allocate 80 percent of our land plots to it. We disagree and we have a different solution – Cybulski claims.
At Monday’s meeting, a review of the city’s plans for the future route was one of several sticking points. Other contracts are no less important, more precisely their duration. Gardeners don’t like the short run but the long run. For at least three or four years, because, as they think, the road will not be built.

A road for all, conspiracies for some

It could be implemented within a few years. The bulk of it will be the space reserved in planning documents for decades as public space. There was supposed to be a road here, but we’re checking those earlier plans. We don’t want to build a street for cars, but instead we want to create a park-like leisure street for all residents, President Adam Neumann and Vice President Marius Spieuk said at the meeting. Both noted that the city had similar goals with dedicated gardeners… in general. “We also want to preserve the green space here, but not for three or four thousand inhabitants, but for 15 or 30 thousand, because that is the amount of space that will be used after the handover of the park and the street,” Newman argued.

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No to developer

Cybulski makes no secret that city planners are unacceptable to them when it comes to booking accommodation. This is the result of the letters sent to the gardeners and the old spatial development plan for this part of the city. – Although no details were mentioned in it, the city also maintained that a city council decision was needed, but the word “we don’t plan” sounds ominous. Because this means that one day blocks of apartments will be built here, and our gardens will disappear – adds the chief custom gardeners. The vice president indicated at the meeting that the city would not build anything there at the moment. – We are working on a new plan and the case is open. There will be discussions and residents are invited to participate – Śpiewok added.

Green Gleeves here

The Municipal Council for Community Services has announced a competition for the architectural concept of the street and park. The city wants to learn about the architects’ ideas and is waiting for offers until December 2, 2021.
The stake owners want to participate in the design and influence what this space will look like. – We as users have a lot of ideas. The construction of the road should not entail the liquidation of the gardens. They can be reconciled – explains Cybulski.
Architect Monica Guawaka of studio moogaa spoke about this possibility at the meeting. Her project “Green Gliwice is here” is based on a participatory design that takes into account the needs of all users, without filtering, while preserving what the city and allotment holders want. Residents are already collecting bids for the concept. – We want to emphasize that participation is of great importance to us – Cybulski points out. The Vice-Chair confirmed that he would give his consent as soon as the appropriate letters were received to indicate specific persons willing to participate in the evaluation of the concept.
Gardeners have taken matters into their own hands, expressing a willingness to speak up and embrace solutions that would benefit everyone, without the need for drastic steps, such as clearing the orchards. The city has announced its openness to the discussion about the project, but it remains unclear what will happen with the parks.

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Malgorzata Lichecka