97.3% of kindergartens and pre-school education institutions 95.5%. Elementary schools and 96.2 percent of high school students Friday worked in a flat mode – they reported to the Ministry of Education and Science, citing data from their custodians. The ministry also reported that on January 17, the children of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Prefecture, Lubusz, Lesser Poland, Świętokrzyskie and Greater Poland will have a winter vacation.

distance learning After returning to school on January 10, this generally does not apply. As before the introduction of additional restrictions for the holiday season, the principal may suspend stationary education with the approval of the lead authority and after obtaining a favorable opinion of the sanitation inspector.

On Friday, 13,741 primary schools were running with stationery, or 95.5 percent. All and 7,517 minor, with a ratio of 96.2%. 6 primary and 4 secondary schools work remotely. 641 elementary schools and 291 high schools operated in a mixed system.

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15,016 preschool educational institutions (kindergartens, preschool education teams, kindergarten points) operate with stationery, making up 97.3% of the total. All. 14 remote kindergartens and 405 mixed mode kindergartens.

Primary schools operating on January 14, 2022

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The information collected on the basis of data from principals of schools and institutions comes from principals of schools.

In the event that students, students, or employees of an educational institution contract COVID-19 infection, the Buffat State Health Inspector will conduct an epidemiological investigation. Its purpose is to identify the group of people exposed. As a result of this investigation, a decision was made on the appropriate measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The principal of a school or kindergarten may, with the approval of the leading authority and after obtaining a positive opinion from the relevant state health inspector, suspend classes for a specified period and switch to teaching using distance education methods and techniques. The suspension of classes may apply to a group, department, class or educational stage, as well as to the whole school or facility, in terms of all classes or individual.

A week ago, on Thursday, the Epiphany was celebrated. It is an official holiday in which kindergartens and schools do not operate. On the eve of the holiday, on Wednesday January 5, 15,361 preschool educational institutions (kindergartens, preschool education teams, kindergarten centers) were put into operation, which constitutes 99.5% of the total. All. Five kindergartens operate remotely and 69 kindergartens are in mixed mode.

In primary and secondary schools, stationary education was suspended from December 20 to January 9, and distance learning was instead implemented. Students returned to full-time education on Monday, January 10. Kindergarten operates constantly in a stationary mode.

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