Until recently, the love of motorcyclists for their clubs was based on the principle … polygamy. A competitor can represent any number of teams at the same time, provided they each compete in a different country. What a great backpacker who managed to sign up for 6 contracts in a given season!

The authorities of the most important, best – and perhaps most important in this case – the most profitable games, namely PGE Ekstraliga, decided to curb this practice. As of the 2021 season, each player bound by a contract with a team leading the highest Polish league may sign a maximum of one contract.

This led to the exit of the superstars from the British League. Last year, only two PGE Ekstraliga motorway riders competed on the SGB Premier circuits – Daniel Bewley and Australian Jack Holder. Most of their former competitors preferred to be associated with Swedish or Danish teams.

Now Pioli has shared the fate of his teammates from the British Gold Team, which in October won the Gold Medal at the MotoGP of Nations in Manchester. Robert Lambert left driving in the UK right after introducing Tai Woffinden’s new recipe a few years ago.

“I wanted to race in Sweden for a long time,” Bewley explains to British weekly, Speedway Star. “Honestly, I was about to sign for this league a year ago, but in the end I decided not to leave the Belle Vue Aces after such a difficult year for them, but to be the captain of my own team,” he adds.

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Bewley, 22, had a great season. Not only did he win the world championship with his acting, but also, along with Betard Sparta, Wrocław stood at the top of PGE Ekstraliga. Most experts predict that at such a pace of development, he will soon join the world top.

– I have already heard that I am going to Sweden in search of money, but in fact I do not mean that – a resident of Manchester confirms. I in no way want to say that I have nothing left to gain in England. I still have plenty of room for improvement in my driving on some trails. I love driving in the UK, especially for the Belle Vue, but unfortunately I can’t drive everywhere, she admits. – I know I’m still young, but you never know what lies around. I don’t want to end my career regretting the fact that I never decided to start in Sweden – he says.