“Incline your ear and come to me, hear me and live your soul.” (Isaiah 55:3)


We live in a reality in which two different things overlap – the calendar year and the liturgical year, time as a continuum of events, and this time The time of meeting, the time announced, the time of discovering the inner space of silence, of listening, of duration, of irony, as if time had passed.

Another person has come into our life unemployedAnother in the sense of a certain sequence of events in our life, but it refers to the order of time that continues – the time of waiting, the search for hope in oneself, inner time. In this sense, the coming of the soul is the same as the coming that awaits the realization of the best possible news – the expected being of God without a veil for eternity. Live the spiritual life.

God’s instructions

In the hustle and bustle of your daily duties, it is easy to let go of your inner waiting, even very easily. This is why God, through the mouth of the prophet Isaiah, gives specific instructions that allow us to rebuild ourselves, in our heart, that openness that we so easily lost to being with him – this other inner spiritual time. “hope your ear”. Tilt the ear is to build a space for God in the soul. Consciously put aside what is not necessary to tune your inner senses with God’s waves. Sometimes the smartphone is placed out of sight, or a convenient, perhaps quiet place is set up. Turn off the TV, computer, etc. But it’s also a different kind of willingness – entrusting God with the worries of the day that steal our attention or if there are any important matters unfinished – to take care of them, because the fact that we are unable to focus and find space in the heart may result from the fact that some important things we did not do urgent things . There are different situations, when we need to discern when we are concerned with a cause that cannot be set aside, and when some nonsense or unnecessary things at a particular moment require our insistent attention, robbing us of life-giving space. After some time on such conscious stings and choices in the ear prick – it will result in a permanent expanse of peace – like silence in the depths of the ocean – which will always be a buffer zone of peace that separates the heart of the soul from the storms raging around it. However, as long as we do not continually walk the test of where God is in us, let us consciously do the actions that lead the heart to turn toward God.

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The second point in God’s prescription for the life of the soul is: “come to me”. Yes, it is also possible to go to church, meet him in the sacraments, but above all it is a spiritual act, an intention, a desire to meet, a step towards, an inner initiative – I want to be with you, with you. . I know that I am not enough for myself, I control the fact that I need someone older and older than me. I want him first for himself, but I also have the right to want him for myself and can ask him what I need.

The third stage is “listen to me”. Isn’t ’tilt your ear’ the same as ‘listen’? No. Bending the ear is the mood of the soul for you to listen. Listen to be heard and let what we hear reach us and then be accepted. “Listen to me” is also – let me speak, do not speak silently. Because it is the word that nourishes life. The word of God, the energizer, which has the power to save those who take it – will believe, keep the hope of fullness, give love. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, he discovers vibrant currents pumping inward – not so much supporting the vital functions of the organism – but this too – but pumping fullness of soul, freshness, youth, inner joy and meaning. Even, or perhaps above all, in the difficult moments outwardly – as if independent of circumstances arising from the nature of being God.

Stay in the presence of God

And this is how you can go on with everyday life, perform tasks and duties, work and rest. At the time of the eternal coming of the Spirit, God is fully awaiting, but now experiencing Him. And when you get turbulent, when life is draining somewhere, when we lose meaning – and it will undoubtedly happen – it is worth looking at all the previous items and asking if you are interested in creating a space, would I like to go out for a meeting and listen? take care of her again

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And when God comes and offers life – share it. This split, allowing currents to seep in, only doubles the amount of potable water.