Those were crazy hours for Danielle Bewley. The Englishman scored 43 points in less than two days. Starting Sunday’s marathon of victories at Zielona Góra, he reached a driven set of “points”, winning his Betard Sparta Wrocław by 63:27.

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Daniel Bewley

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The encounter between Falubaz Zielona Góra and Betard Sparta Wrocław stunned one-sidedly in favor of visitors who felt comfortable on the hard surface of the track at Wrocławska 69. It’s hard to discern a single competitor in Dariusz Śledzio’s team, but Daniel Pioli certainly catches the eye. The Englishman has been in good shape since the start of the tournament, which was confirmed at the Zielona Góra circuit.

The set of points paid in PGE Ekstriga is an achievement that is always appreciated. In the case of Daniel Bioli, we are dealing with the first event of its kind in his career in the First Division in Poland. Given the scale of talent of the 22-year-old, it can be assumed that this is a precursor to such results in the future.

Rushing Bewley the next day, Monday, appeared in two Premier League games. Of course, the level of games there is immeasurably lower than the Polish PGE Ekstraliga, but Bewley’s winning streak doesn’t happen often. First, in the afternoon, the Aces scored a clear set of 15 points for Bell View, and in the evening in the second game he scored 14 “points”. The results of the last 15 races, counting down, are: 3,3,3,3,3,2,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2*,3. These three could make your head Dizzy!

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Daniel Bewley is taking full advantage of his collaboration with Ty and Vinden for several months now. He receives tips from the three-time singles world champion, as well as supports his team on equipment matters. Although Woffinden feels Australian in spirit, he doesn’t hide that he really cares about his UK successor that he represents. He also wants to win a gold medal with representation in international competitions. He strongly emphasized this in his autobiography.

Woffinden became furious, among others when he took British coach Chris Harris to the 2019 Nations Speedway Final in Togliatti, not just Daniel Bioli. According to Taia, Great Britain had no chance of success anyway, and for a 20-year-old Beauli at the time, participating in an event of this rank would be a great lesson and an opportunity to gain experience. Woffinden asserts in his book that he is open to help and cooperation with anyone who asks for it, provided he sees his desire and commitment.

Daniel Bewley does not lack these qualities. Dan has a lot to offer. Tye and Venden told Speedway Star before the season: If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be in this fashion and we wouldn’t have done it all together.

The 22-year-old also has the club’s backing from Wrocław, who knows that without a good Englishman at the helm, he will not achieve the goal of winning the Polish team’s championship. Bewley came to Betard Sparta a year ago, as he started his adventure with Poland at ROW Rybnik in 2018 and it was there that he showed himself to be a diamond that required polishing.

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Beginnings in Sparta and PJ Extraliga were not easy, but the end of last year’s matches showed that Pioli can effectively compete in the elite. The current campaign is going well for him so far. He bravely supported the Wrocław team when they had to cope without Tai Woffinden, who had handled an injury. Effect? After seven games, Daniel Bewley averages 1.667 and is only slightly behind Fredrik Lindgren, the 2020 IMŚ bronze medalist.

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