Sheffield Tigers weren’t the only activists to give their entire squad for the 2022 season on Wednesday night, but the Peterborough Panthers, the club that won the tournament in October, decided to take a similar step.

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Chris Harris

WP SportoweFakty / Jacob Malik / Pictured: Chris Harris

The Panthers dealt in the final battle with the Belle Vue Aces in total. It is noteworthy that most of the players who won the Premier League title had many years of competition behind them and could be called ‘olders’. Thus the Peterborough Panthers have recently been referred to as the “Dad’s Army”, which loosely translates as the “Ancestor’s Army”.

The squad that will compete in the 2022 season has appeared on social media, and the short film has just launched in a similar fashion. When Tiger fans saw the “Dad’s Army: Sequel” tagline, they knew there would surely be many names that would bring a lot of joy in the 2021 season to their upcoming games roster.

Scott Nichols will be captain of the championship team again next year. The veteran Briton will be joined by his longtime teammate, Chris Harris. In addition to the aforementioned two, fans will once again be cheering another former SGP series participant, Hans Andersen.

The aforementioned Dane will be supported by two of his countrymen who also defended the Panthers’ colors in the 2021 season, namely Michael Palm Toft and Ulrich Ostergaard. Jordan Palin will once again take the ‘Rising Star’ spot, also known for his performance at international events. The only line-up change took place as Bjarne Pedersen ended his career. In his place, another Dane has been hired, this time the young Benjamin Basu, who is linked in Poland with SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań.

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Peterborough Panthers campaigners have chosen a sure-fire team that won the title not long ago in the Premier League in the 2021 season. Six of the seven players who made a significant contribution to success have been brought together once again. Thus, Panthers fans should be satisfied with this turn of events and another opportunity to support the typical Danish-British arrangement.

Peterborough Panthers squad for the 2022 season:
Scott Nichols (UK)
Michael Palm Toft (Denmark)
Chris Harris (Great Britain)
Hans Andersen (Denmark)
Ulrich Ostergaard (Dania)
Jordan Palin (Great Britain)
Benjamin Basu (Dania)

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