The government spent more than 1 million zlotys on a “campaign to promote the reconstruction of the Sasuke Palace”. The funds were used, among other things, to produce documentaries on the history of the palace and Piłsudski Square, develop an augmented reality application and purchase advertising space. The case was published by Krzysztof Brejza, a senator for the Civic Coalition.

“I rubbed my eyes several times. The government spent 1.1 million zlotys on a ‘campaign to promote the reconstruction of the Sasuke Palace.'” People are dying, there are no places in hospitals, there are no ambulances. Parents of sick children tear up their homes. Veins to be collected for treatment by means of assistance and discharge. Million million Among other things, the million went to film production, production of “augmented reality app for the palace,” and architecture workshops,” Krzysztof Brigza, Senator for the Civic Alliance wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

The tweet was attached to a scan of the letter he received from Yaroslav Selin, Deputy Minister of Culture. This is in response to an interpellation of the Senate submitted by Prize at the beginning of November. “As of November 4, 2021, 1,101,821.86 PLN have been spent on the promotional campaign for the reconstruction of the Saskie Palace. The spending concerned, among other things, the production of documentaries on the history of the palace and Pisudski Square in Warsaw, the development and implementation of augmented reality application “AR” for the Palace, architectural workshops, conducting searches in national and foreign archives and museums, as well as purchasing advertising space and broadcast time in the media “we read in response to the interrogation.

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They have already set up a company responsible for rebuilding Sasuke’s Palace

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Glinsky on Tuesday announced the creation of a special purpose vehicle responsible for rebuilding the Sasuke Palace. He explained that the company was established to effectively manage the reconstruction of these large and important historical properties. Jan Edmund Kowalski became president, Robert Sisirko became vice president, and Robert Bernays became a member of the board.

The Law on Preparation and Implementation of Investments Related to the Reconstruction of the Sasuke Palace, Brüll Palace and Residence Houses on Króliuska Street is an initiative of the President. Andrzej Duda proclaimed 11 November 2018 – the centenary of Poland’s restoration of independence – as a “Declaration on the restoration of the Saski Palace in Warsaw to mark the centenary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Poland”.

This is what the Saxon palace might look like after its reconstructionSkyConcept / Sasuke 360

Rebuilding Sasuke’s Palace – as the president argued on July 7 during a ceremony to hand the bill on the matter to House Marshal Elipita Witke – is a huge symbolic act and an investment that transcends divisions. He also noted that the reconstruction of the palace was a continuation of the activities begun in 2004 by the then President of Warsaw, Lech Kaczynski.

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The investor in the project will be the state treasury within the meaning of the Law of July 7, 1994 – the Building Code.

The Saxon palace, erected as a result of the expansion of the 17th-century palace of Jean-Andre Morstein, was rebuilt several times in the following centuries. During the Second Polish Republic, it was the headquarters of the Polish Army’s General Staff, and the adjacent Brühl Palace was the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the destruction of the Saxon palace by the Germans at the end of December 1944, the only monuments to it remained part of the three central arcades with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – a symbolic tomb commemorating the unknown soldiers who died in the defense of Poland, the site of the most important national holidays.

Remains of Sasuke’s Palace – Tomb of the Unknown SoldierTVN24 Archive

Main image source: TVN24, Twitter