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August 27, 2021, 10:52

Skate 4 will also hit PC. This will be the first installment in the skateboard series from Electronic Arts, which will be available on PC.

We have good news for fans of skateboarding games. Electronic Arts announces that e The next installment of the Skate series rwnie does not stay with the computer.

The news was revealed on the game’s official Twitter account. Interestingly enough, PC is the first officially confirmed hardware platform for 4 . skate. Of course, this is only a temporary situation, because production is sure to also come to consoles.

This will be the first installment of the series to be released on PC. Previous parts of the series, ie. Ski. from 2007, skate 2 (2009) and skate 3 (2010) released only on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. It will be the brand’s new incarnation for the first time on PC.

employment 4 . skate Many players are waiting. For a long time, Electronic Arts seemed to be abandoning this brand. So, last year Announcing her comeback! Aroused great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the developers have not released any material from the game yet. Not surprisingly, EA cautioned during the project’s unveiling that it was in a very early stage of production.

In January of this year announceThat the game is being developed in the new Full Circle studio, which was created specifically for this project. Last month, the creators they confirmedThat the business is progressing at a good pace, but the authors are still not ready to show the parts of the game.

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