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Trump’s wall on the Mexican border

in 2019 Donald Trump A state of emergency was declared along the southern border of the United States. This way, he can use more money to build the promised border wall. in february The new US president, Joe Biden, vetoed the decisionEmphasizing that it is a waste of money to distract you from the real threats. The wall that has already been built costs billions of dollars.

Trump’s wall on the Mexican border damaged by a rainstorm

As I mentioned APArizona authorities said that the section of the wall on the border with Mexico It was pulled from the hinges last week regarding Flood Because of the very heavy monsoon rains. CBP announced that it will work to repair the damage.

“The collapsed wall is no surprise to people familiar with the climate and geology of the area,” he writes.independentThe former president also ignored environmental laws factThat monsoon season in Arizona is likely to deal with construction soon. “The rains have exceeded average this year,” said Aaron Hardin of the National Weather Service in Tucson. “metroInstead, he reports that the area has seen a doubling of annual monsoon precipitation.

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Trump ignored environmental laws. “It’s a damage that will never be repaired.”

trump He wrote that he built the wall in a hurry, ignoring environmental and cultural laws High Country News. The bulk of the wall was built in public areas reserved by the federal government rz ± d For special protection because of the environmental value. “Construction crews have been blasting dynamite for months, digging, pumping, digging and cutting public areas. […] Previously, wide-open landscapes where wild animals and water could move freely were cut off by a massive steel barrier, the portal wrote in February of this year westward at the Center for Biological Diversity.

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The gate also shows the effects of water consumption. “In many places, contractors pump water for construction purposes from underground depths to moisten roads, reduce dust or produce cement,” the statement read. However, Arizona does not require documentation of groundwater use for investments, so there is no conclusive evidence of residual water waste, although changes in nature are noted.

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