A game about the war in Iraq that has been raising controversy since the announcement itself, ie. Six days in FallujahShe was once again in the spotlight. Today, Victora Company, responsible for reviving the project, Issued Statement referring to what its boss said? Peter Tammet. Less than three weeks ago He saidTheir production will not raise controversial political issues, such as the use of white phosphorous by US forces. This sparked a number of critical comments, so it is not surprising that today’s statement message is very different.

Below you will find the text that was posted on the publisher’s Twitter account.

We are aware that juveniles are reproduced in Six days in Fallujah It cannot be separated from political discussions. This is why our game will allow everyone to comment.

Stories in the language Six days in Fallujah They are informed through gameplay and documentary material with the participation of soldiers and civilians. Each of them has different experiences and opinions about the war in Iraq. So far, 26 Iraqis and dozens of military personnel have participated in the most difficult moments of their lives, and we want to relay these memories.

The documentaries deal with many difficult political topics. We talked about each of the decisions that led to the battles of Fallujah and their consequences. We will not allow players to use WP during the game, but its modus operandi is described in the screenshots.

Players will participate in events whose context will be predetermined in the document. Each mission forces the player to interactively solve military and civilian events from battle, providing a vision of the war unlike any other modes.

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We believe the stories of dedication deserve to be told by everyone who has been there. Marines, Soldiers, and Ordinary Civilians.

We think you’ll find this game complex, and so will the events it recreate.

The history of zwi¹zana z Six days in Fallujah It has been in operation since April 2009. Then Konami Advertise A game that was supposed to tell about the events of the invasion of Iraq. It was created by Atomic Games Studio. However, after much controversy, the Japanese company She resigned From the issue of this title. After 12 years, the project ended The resurrection By Victurê ?? A company founded by the former director of Atomic Games. The game will be released this year on PC and some gaming devices. Highwire Games Studio produces.