The U.S. Army is developing Integrated Enhanced Vision System (IAVS) goggles for melee units, including horse and infantry units. It is designed to enable soldiers to see through the walls of combat vehicles and in the dark, as well as display digital maps and other useful tactical data during missions.

The new glasses already use signals from cameras placed outside of armored vehicles, and allow a unit of soldiers inside to “see” through the vehicle’s walls – thus obtaining a clear picture of the scene without risking life and health.

“Now the soldiers don’t get out of their vehicles in dangerous situations to see what is going on,” the sergeant said. Philip Barthel from 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team to the Army, in a press release. Thanks to this, the leadership will also gain a broader picture of the situation and be able to manage forces and reduce losses.

The military designed the IAVS to function as display screens (skin) Used in fighters. In the same way, IAVS glasses display information such as video, maps, and night vision directly into a soldier’s field of vision.

Of course, soldiers have always had access to this tactical data set, but thanks to IAVS, they now have instant access – a crucial advantage in combat. Instead of searching pockets for a paper map that could be based on outdated intelligence, soldiers could instantly summon a digital map in IAVS without taking their eyes off the target.

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