Let us remind you that as of November 2019, Poles no longer have to apply for a visa at the US Embassy, ​​which was not only expensive, because It was more than 600 PLN, but it was also time-consuming, because it included, among other things, a meeting with the writer. For more than two years, only special order must be completed Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)which provides basic data such as name, surname, date of birth, passport number, and place of residence in the United States.

Mariusz Radosevsky, husband of Natalia Swiek, did not have this document because He was sure that his US visa was still valid. He only found out at the airport in Mexico, where they were going to leave together.

It was not the end of the problems. “Later, Mia peed all her clothes in her sleep. And now we are waiting for them to find our bags, which the employee mistakenly went to check-in for the second time” – she said.

Photo: Natalia Siwick / instagram.com

In the following stories, she informed her fans that the partner would reach them the next day and… it happened.

Source: Natalia Siwick / Instagram

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