At the recent World Figure Skating Championships, viewers listening to the British commentary could hear a reprimand suspended from Great Britain. That’s what Simon Reed, one of the contestants, called it.

Simon Reed And Nikki Slater He is a British commentary duo known for several on-air mishaps. This time, viewers can hear it during the World Cup in SnowboardingHosted by the French Montpellier.

Unfortunately, the couple did not perform well. In figure skating, while running, commentators often remain silent and allow viewers to quietly watch the players on the roof in front of the TV screens. That’s what Reed and Slater would have done, except… they forgot to turn off the microphones.

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A scandalous statement by a British commentator

Unaware of anything, Simon Reed “made” an outrageous comment about the Olympic champion Megan Duhamel. called her”ku *** from Canada“The commentator’s shocking words caused a storm, with even the International Skating Federation insisting on the immediate suspension of the British game and banning lifelong suspensions on the sport.

Reed announced via his social media that he had already apologized to the Canadian. “Speak to her,” he wrote on Twitter. “Meghan knows I really like her and the last situation was unfortunate and out of context. Hopefully in the future we’ll meet and have a beer together.”