Konami announced major changes to eFootball and partnered with AC Milan, but what is the successor to PES in the full version? Today we can check out the gameplay that should answer a lot of questions.

eFootball debuted with terrible quality, with some players mentioning the “end of the PES game”. The biggest fan of the series decided to organize a funeral for the whole brand, but Konami does not give up and intends to reform the production. The company announced a number of changes and some editors got access to the new version of the game.

The Japanese announced that they would improve the game in defense, add the “push the trigger” function, improve passing and online communication, many options were expanded, the dribbling function was fixed, or even the developers found time to deal with the trajectory of the shot.

This all looks really good on paper, but what does the gameplay look like in reality? VGC editors had access to football from Konami and as a result we can read a longer excerpt from the game.

Chris Scleon mentions that this could be a “comeback start” to the game – one of the most important changes is the “stun shots” that are activated by tapping R2 + passes at the same time. It is said that there is still a long way to go for the creators, but it is clear that Konami wants to fight for its IP.