On the road they did a great job, but they could have lost the silver medal on the “green table”. All due to the protest of competitors Jolanta Ogar Hill and Agnieszka Skrzypulec. But it ended in fear.

Szymon Świątński

Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar

Press materials / Polish Sailing Association / Pictured: Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar

“Team France is still protesting against the players from Great Britain for the last buoy maneuver. If the protest is accepted, France will advance one place and take the silver, and the Polish women will take the bronze. We are waiting” – Sebastian Parvianovic wrote on Twitter.

After a few minutes of uncertainty, the TVP journalist had much better information. “Officially. Refuse to protest” – he stressed. Thus, there were no changes in the classification of occupations. The British won the gold in the 470 sailing class, the silver Jolanta Ogar Hill and Agnieszka Scribbulk took the bronze, and the French won the bronze.

– We are very surprised that there is some protest. We didn’t get involved in it, maybe just as a witness. Such a situation is always disgusting, because we are victorious on the water, and not in the jury room. Fortunately, it all ended well – said Ogar Hill at Eurosport.

Before the medal race on Wednesday, Piao Zeroni finished third in the competition rankings. There were two goals in the decider – defending ourselves against the Slovenes and sailing two positions against the French. Such a scenario was included in the silver medal and Polish women were able to implement it.

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Our representatives deserve a lot of applause, especially over the end of the medal race. They were in the lead from the start, but at the last turn they managed to overtake the British. This maneuver secured the Poles silver, because the settlement from Great Britain separated the white, red and the French at the finish line.

Thus, the gold medal was won by the British, silver was won by Jolanta Ogar Hill and Agnieszka Skrzybulk, bronze by the French, who protested in vain at the finish line.

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