It was in 1998, when Jacek Bromski’s “U Pana Boga za Partem” hit Polish cinemas. The production quickly gained popularity and became one of the most beloved paintings since the end of the twentieth century. A young Russian woman was among the actors playing “U Pana Boga za piece”.

Marusia from “Yo Pana Bugha Beside the Fireplace”. I have changed?

Irina Ochina is played by Marusia, a young Russian woman who falls victim to thieves shortly after crossing the Polish border. The woman wants to recover what was stolen from her, so she goes to the police station in Chrollo Most – a place where the parish priest exercises the highest authority. Marusia’s fate intertwines with this place for much longer than she had planned. Łuczina appears not only in the first part of the film, but also in the second part.

Luczina is a Russian actress who has also appeared in Polish productions. In Poland, her talent was recognized with the “Video Studio Gdańsk” prize, which was presented in 1998 at the 23rd Polish Film Festival.

It has been more than 20 years since Marusia won the hearts of viewers. The beautiful girl is really a mature woman. Irina Luxina is 48 years old! The actress continues to appear in domestic productions. Appeared in TV series and feature films. On her Instagram profile, you can see how Łuczina has changed. It seems the time is especially right for her. How do you like Irina Lucina at the age of 48?

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