It seems that the latest game about the very brave adventures of Lara Croft will now work much better and look much nicer.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider It’s a title that probably needs no introduction. I’ve completed the latest Lara Croft Adventure trilogy, and while it has had a mixed reception, it’s overall been really satisfying. Although the title has been pretty quiet lately, fans can recognize it, When it came to one of the latest PS Plus shows.

The developers have taken care of players on new generations of consoles and have updated their game to version 2.01. And even if this sounds like a small change, in reality it will have a huge impact on the enjoyment of playing. On PlayStation 5 and XSX, the developers from Eidos Montreal have added one but very important improvement – The title will now flash in 4K at 60 frames per second!

No more changes, but the same does a lot of work. And consider it The game looked exceptional from the startNow he can kick him off his feet. I honestly admit that while I haven’t been back in this project since the first show, the latest update encourages you to suck it up to disk again and explore the beautiful jungle areas. Are you going to re-approach this adventure?