The event, which the German daily Bild described, among other things, took place in the town of Altenia in North Rhine-Westphalia. When the water broke out on the city streets, the firefighters arrived. One of the videos posted on social media shows how they tried to help drivers trapped in their cars. Unfortunately, one of the officers was lost to the element and drowned. Water also kidnapped his son – also a firefighter.

The young man was carried across the water flowing through the city streets. He couldn’t defeat the flow by himself. Then a group of people from the beach rushed to his aid. One of them was Partek and he was the first to grab the drowning man by his clothes.

– I was afraid, but I had to act and save this man. I didn’t think for long. Anyone would do it in my place – he said in an interview with the correspondent of “Bild”. The Germans tell you:< شكراً >>” – the daily newspaper journalist summarized the interview.

Source: BILD


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