Google Stadia and GeForce Now on LG TVs

Behind us, there are the hugely exciting months in which the rivalry between streaming services and gaming has taken a bash. GeForce NOW supports an increasing number of stores (Steam, Epic, GOG, Ubisoft) and more and more games, and Stadia has entered Poland (and other countries) gaining traction.

Google Stadia in Poland. All you need to know

The dynamic expansion of the game library and subsequent premieres are sure to satisfy users, and today’s news The fact that both streaming services, Stadia and GeForce NOW, are available on LG TVs is great news.

GeForce NOW and Google Stadia on TV

So far, GeForce NOW can be used on TV thanks to the Shield TV, which is universal hardware but not very cheap. For Stadia, a dedicated Wi-Fi controller and Chromecast Ultra are required. There are many indications that Stadia will enter Google TV (a successor or platform separate from Android TV, Google has not set its stance on the news), but what about other TVs using systems other than those from Google?

Computer too weak for Cyberpunk 2077? How it works on Stadia and GeForce NOW

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