On February 19, on the occasion of the Polish Flag Day, the Awards Ceremony of the Minister of Education and Science and the Prime Minister’s Awards was held. Among the prize winners, there were up to 5 scientists from Białystok University of Technology.

Photo: J. Fedorok

On February 19, the scientific and academic community is celebrated. It is then that the Polish Science Day is celebrated. The date in itself is not accidental, because at that time it is the birthday of Nicholas Copernicus, one of the most prominent Polish scientists. During the ceremony that was organized on that day, the awards of the Minister of Education and Science and the Prime Minister’s awards were presented. Scholars were honored for their merits in five categories: significant achievements in science, education, implementation, organizational activities, and overall achievements.

Among the winners were 5 scientists from Białystok University of Technology. The professor was awarded one of 22 lifetime achievement awards. Doctor Hub. M. Jan Durose of the Institute of Automatic Control, Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Białystok University of Technology. In turn, Prof. Dr. received the award for significant achievements in the field of scientific activity (among 40 individual and group awards). Doctor Hub. Włodzimierz Wiktor Lewandowski of the Institute of Environmental and Energy Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences Białystok University of Technology.

Each of the above two prizes is awarded, among others, to “research and scientific activities, the effects of which may have commercial applications, as well as in the development of new products, processes, services or significant improvements”.

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The teamwork of the staff of Białystok University of Technology was also appreciated. Honoring scientists for their important achievements in the implementation of activities: a. Doctor Hub. M. Dariusz Józef Butrymowicz, dr hab. M. Kamil Leszek Śmierciew, a. PB, Doctor Love. M. Jerzy Gagan from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Białystok University of Technology. This award (13 winners in total) is awarded individually or as a team for “the practical use of the results of scientific research or development work, particularly in industrial, scientific or commercial activities, as well as for the commercialization of the results of scientific activities and the implementation of an original, technical or artistic design”.