Although the platforms operating under the Sky brand were not very successful in the past year, they ended it with optimism. In the fourth quarter of last year it acquired 60 thousand customers. This became possible thanks to the expansion of broadcasting activities. In October, we reported that Sky had begun offering streaming TVs. Sky Glass equipment, which allows you to use TV channels and broadcast services without the need for an antenna and tangled cables, partially increased the interest in the previous traditional player.You can choose a model of any size on the Sky website (the smallest is 43 inches) and in any color.

Comcast’s results exceeded expectations

Comcast, owner of Sky and NBCUniversal, announced that Revenue in the fourth quarter increased 9.5%. to $30.3 billion (27.1 billion euros), exceeding expectations. Sky’s revenue declined 2.4 percent to $5.07 billion in the fourth quarter, primarily driven by lower content revenue as well as lower direct-to-consumer revenue.

NBCUniversal revenue was $9.3 billion, up 25.6% from the fourth quarter of 2020, and studio sales increased just over 36%. NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming platform ended 2021 with 24.5 million monthly active accounts in the US. In July, the company announced that it had 54 million registrations on the platform.

Roberts announced the expiration of more original and exclusive content as part of cross-licenses with other platforms. – We are expanding our global technology platform and customer base, starting with Sky Glass and XClass TV. Our belief in the future is reflected in the announced decision to increase earnings for the 14th consecutive year – commented Roberts. This fall. including. SkyShowtime will be launched in PolandWith content from Sky, Peacock and ViacomCBS trademarks. It is also possible on the Vistula River to buy televisions for broadcasting from Sky.

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Huge number of departures to flow

The authors of the Rethink TV report predicted the departure of subscribers from digital platforms and cable networks. Analysts estimated that by 2025, every third customer from the television services of these companies will quit. It is enough to have a TV with terrestrial antenna, Android TV / Google TV operating system, Tizen and WebOS to enjoy a presentation similar or more attractive than that offered by traditional operators. You can opt out of the streaming service in any month, and contracts with traditional operators are often for two years.

Cable networks are in a slightly better position because they provide broadband Internet access services. Without it, you cannot enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Player or Viaplay. Companies like Vectra or UPC sell broadcast-based set-top boxes and like to act as a collection of content available in streaming. Channel + Online and Polsat Box Go are Polish platforms’ response to the broadcast revolution.

Digital platforms that used to flaunt their subscriber count do so less frequently or in an increasingly complex manner. For example, Cyfrowy Polsat Group, which also includes Polkomtel, the mobile operator Plus, in the third quarter of last year. It reported 13.49 million service units and 6.07 million B2C subscribers. Canal + Polska’s latest results came in a year ago. At that time, the operator had 2.37 million PLN direct customers (0.3% more than the previous year), that is, using the Canal + platform and offering communications, VoD services and packages on the operator platform of the TVN Discovery Group.

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