– Today it is difficult to say unequivocally the effect of reducing the time spent at school on learning outcomes, but let us remember that by examining the results of tests, for example, we check primarily the effects of implementing the basic curriculum . So it is not as if we know how children develop, and whether they are in fact expanding their knowledge, understanding the world around them, but whether they are able to show progress in implementing this basic curriculum, which often boils down to remembering the information needed to pass tests and then forgetting it Dr. Marcela says it is not surprising that more and more parents are moving away from this traditional model and deciding to transfer their children to homeschooling or schools that focus on other, more social and developmental aspects of education. The data cited by Peter Hartkamp and included in Instead of Compulsory Education indicates that the less compulsory institutional education, the better academic performance. And remember that reducing the duration of the lesson does not necessarily mean reducing the time spent studying and staying in school. It can mean, as I encourage in my books, to re-learn what youth education and development is. Greek school is “free time”, and the key element in this time should be unrestricted play, experimentation, independence and the ability to rely on internal motivation.

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