The incident involving the Norwegian Cruise Line occurred on Saturday 25 June. The ship was covered in thick fog during its voyage to the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. This results in reduced visibility and collision with headlights [bryła lodu, która oderwała się od lodowca – red.] – inform USA Today On Monday, June 27, press release for the cruise. None of the passengers were injured.

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Imslift Hendrick. rescue operation

United States of America. A cruise ship hit an iceberg. ‘We are being held’

Visitors are allowed to disembark Sunday In the evening after docking boat In Juneau – the capital of the US state of Alaska – where the ship was inspected. On Monday, June 27, however – to the passengers’ surprise – the cruise line authorities did not release anyone. “We were supposed to be able to get off the ship at 8 am this morning, but now it is 10:06 am and we are still waiting in line,” said one tourist.

– Everyone is angry because the latter Once We heard from the captain at 8:45 that we could get off at 9:30. But they still did not open the door. We are held on the plane. People get very stressed. We’ve been saving for this trip for years, and the Norwegian ruined it Cruise Hive one of the passengers.

Shipwrecks were discovered at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea – on Wednesday.

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The ship returns to Seattle

The ship may have hit the ice block in such a way that the propeller, engine or hull was damaged. It is currently working, but will be carefully examined and evaluated before it can return to its normal speed.

Representatives of Norwegian Cruise Line have canceled a Norwegian Sun flight to Alaska. The ship is slowly returning to Seattle Washington. So, on Tuesday, June 28 at 2:25 p.m. I left Juneau. There will be on Thursday 30 June in the morning.

Japan.  A cruise ship sank.  At least 11 people died.  The search for passengers continuesJapan. A cruise ship sank. At least 11 people were killed

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