• The series “Żywioły Saszy – Ogień”, available on Player from Fall 2020, will start on TVN on April 6.
  • The seven-episode production, directed by Christopher Ross, and starring Magdalena Bukzarska, was based on Katarzina Bonda’s “The Four Elements” book series.
  • The main character is the police analyst, Sasa Zazowska, who returns from Great Britain to Poland after seven years and ends up in a special police group looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators of the serial burning of Lodz homes.
  • Regarding the series premiere, we invite you to take a special personal test that answers a simple question: Do you think like an analyst? And … are you fit even for this job

“Sasha Elements – Fire” It is the first Polish series whose protagonist is a police editor, or rather an analyst – Sasa Zazowska (Magdalena Bukzarska). In short, an analyst is a person whose job is to create a psychological profile of an unknown perpetrator or crime – a specialist with a keen and analytical mind, with extensive knowledge in many areas.

A series of seven episodes of Abbey. Christopher Ross was based on the book series “The Four Elements by Sasa Zazowska” by Katarzina Bunda. From last fall it can be watched on Player, and on April 6 at 21:30 it will start broadcasting TVN.

We invite you to take part in a special personality test that answers a simple question: Do you think like an analyst? Are you fit even for this extremely challenging and demanding job?

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“Elements of Saszy – Fire” – is still from the series