Tuesday 28th June Russian The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the expansion of the list of sanctions by 25 other citizens United States of America. And this is another response from the Kremlin to the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia after the army overwhelmed Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin Ukraine attacked.

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List of new sanctions for Russia. She has a wife and daughter, Joe Biden

Sanctions on more US citizens, as stated in Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs“to form a path of fear of Russia for members of the so-called McFaul-Yermak group, which makes recommendations on anti-Russian restrictions” – quotes RIA Nowsti.

In addition to the members of the group, the list of sanctions also includes the wife and daughter of President Joe Biden – Jill and Ashley, Senators Americans and academics. It is located aroundin. About Larry Diament, Professor at Stanford University, Craig Kennedy of Harvard University’s Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, and Francis Fukuyama – author of The End of History. This work discusses the superiority of democracy over other regimes.

More information from the country and the world can be found at Home page of Gazeta.pl.

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As 25 more people are added to the Russian sanctions list, a total of 1,048 people will not be able to enter Russia – incl. Politicians, scholars, chiefs and members of the military services or other famous personalities.

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List of Russian sanctions. Also, Morgan Freeman will not enter Russia

Russia already reported the sanctions against Americans in May. He was among them at the time President of the United States Joe Bidenand Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Vice President Kamala Harris, and CIA Director William Burns. Interestingly, actor Morgan Freeman is also on the list of sanctioned people. The Russian Foreign Ministry prompted in its justification the fact that “the actor recorded a film in September 2017, in which he accused Russia of conspiring against the United States and called for fighting with Russia.”

In the list of penalties, you can also find a few people who have already died. You can find their names in the material below:

Russian President Vladimir PutinRussia imposes sanctions on the United States. In the list, incl. Biden and … the five dead

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