The Wrap reports that Netflix chiefs have decided to close the branch responsible for producing the animation. At the same time, Phil Renda, director of creative leadership and original animation development, was fired.

As a result, many of the products that were being worked on were cancelled. Among other things, the projects that were waiting for viewers from all over the world were transferred to the basket.

Netflix’s decision is too high on Twitter. “I am horrified about the closing of the Netflix animation division and the deletion of all the original animation content that was in production. There have been a lot of good original anime titles in the past few years – I just don’t understand what’s going on there,” one netizen wrote.

I regret hearing stories about what happened to the Netflix animation. “Cosmic Kid”, “Centaurworld”, “She-Ra”, “Ghost City”. Lots of great series that we probably won’t see anymore. I can’t help but feel that Apple has a healthier model, produces fewer titles, but everyone is great, and is evaluating the next release.

Netflix ends with the animation. why?

It’s hard to avoid the impression that the latest move by Netflix’s management is evidence of a strict corporate approach. It shows that what really matters is the profits and the data in the tables, and that creative freedom comes down to the background.

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