Before the charges were brought, a Moscow court ordered Lyubov Sobol to be detained for two months. A colleague of Alexei Navalny is also suspected of violating health standards with regard to engaging in illegal activities Protests.

Lyubov Sobol herself reported the accusation of trespassing on someone else’s apartment. It is an attempt to contact one of the FSB officers, who investigative journalists indicated was a member of the group that was attending the murder of Alexei Navalny. Investigators claim that Sobol and several other people deceived their way into an elderly woman’s apartment

In December, Navalny released a recording of his phone conversation with one of the alleged bombers. The man presented as Konstantin Kudriotsev admitted that Navalny was about to poison him with a military substance from the Novichok group, by putting it on his underwear. The FSB says the registry is fake.

After the recording was released, Sobol went to the house of Kudriautsev, and the doorbell rang, but no one opened it. Then it was stopped for a short time. A few days later, Sobol announced on Twitter that the police had come to her apartment. She was informed that the officers were supposed to record a camera in front of the entrance and tried to force open the door.

The portal “Open Media” wrote that the personal data of the FSB officer disappeared from the State Registry of Real Estate, and that the Russian Federation was listed as the owner in the appropriate box. Lyubov Sobol pleaded not guilty, and her lawyer, Vladimir Voronin, stated that the allegations were untrue.

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Most of Navalny’s close associates are currently held or under house arrest. However, supporters of the opposition activist are planning protests across the country on February 14th.

Alexei Navalny was poisoned

In August, Alexei Navalny lost consciousness on a plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The pilot landed in Omsk, and there Russian doctors dealt with the opposition for two days. Omsk specialists argued that the patient did not develop toxicosis, but only had problems with metabolism. The Navalny family and her associates did not believe their words and took the politician to Berlin. There was reported that an attempt was made to poison the opposition with combat equipment from the starter group with a paralytic and convulsive effect. This information was also confirmed by two independent laboratories from France and Sweden.

The Kremlin denies it has anything to do with the attempt the kill Alexei Navalny. In a conversation with Emmanuel Macron, the daily “Le Monde” arrived, Wadimir Putin He argued that opponents could poison himself. And in October, in Russian President He even suggested that he save Navalny. – I asked personally Prosecutor’s Office Vladimir Putin said that the general had to obtain permission to allow Alexei Navalny to leave Russia. He stated that if the authorities were behind the poisoning of the opposition activist, they would not allow him to leave the country.

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