Rolls-Royce Wraith or Rolls-Royce for youth

Wraith: A new chapter in Rolls-Royce history. It is true that the earlier Ghost model reinvigorated the customer and brand image, but Wraith has expanded the target group for the wealthy, who do not want to sit behind the driver’s rear, but prefer to drive their own car. The British say the only coupe in the group is designed for young people under their 50s. This trend has been dubbed “more performance, less luxury” (“more ride, less luxury”). Thanks to him, Rolls-Royce has been listed in recent years in some markets (for example in United States of AmericaThree-digit increments. Rolls is no longer the trademark of the elderly aristocrats. She opened up to the new model, did well and didn’t lose any of her character – we wrote in our test of a little Rolls-Royce on

This is the model Justin Bieber chose for himself. The Canadian singer is considered one of the biggest pop stars, and US media estimates his fortune at $ 300 million. For Pepper, the regular Rolls-Royce Wraith turned out to be just too extravagant. That’s why he sent her to a tuning workshop.

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Rolls-Royce Justin Bieber caught on the road

The job was carried out by the famous tuner West Coast Customs, which many of you will definitely know from “Pimp My Ride” directed by rapper Xzibit, who once traveled on MTV and was hugely popular. If you remember their crazy ideas, Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce probably wouldn’t shock you – you’ll be ready for an overrated project.

Customs have definitely crossed the West Coast by line. As a brand, Rolls-Royce is associated with luxury and elegance. Cars of the British manufacturer are full of extravagance, of course, but in a classic way. In contrast, Rolls turned the singer into something resembling a spaceship. The fenders have been completely remodeled, the wheels are covered, the mirrors removed … However, so that no one doubts the type of car, the World Council of Churches has left the Ecstatic Spirit statue and logos in place of the wheels. The car was captured by an American Jotober. The film containing the specified portion is pasted below. The car can be seen from 5:38:

We don’t know if the modifications have gone any further, and for example, the interior is completely futuristic. Knowing about West Coast customs – maybe yes. However, the singer never flaunted his Rolls-Royce, so he didn’t show what it looked like inside. He was caught several times by the paparazzi in him, so we know for sure that he is driving this car. Perhaps there is a 600 hp V12 petrol engine under the hood. Unless boosted, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in about 4.6 seconds. Not bad for a luxury 5.2-meter coupe.

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Mechanical artwork and a modest interior – the Mercedes AMG GT R

This isn’t the first collaboration between Justin Bieber and West Coast Customs

Justin Bieber has been a long-time fan of West Coast Customs’ creations. In 2012, the World Council of Churches prepared a Batmobile for it based on the Cadillac CTS-V. The car can be seen by visitors of the famous SEMA tuning show. Bieber was only 17 years old at the time of recording.

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Two years later, West Coast Customs prepared another vehicle for him. This time the SUV:

Everything seems to indicate that a future Rolls-Royce isn’t the last chapter in this story. I wonder if the singer will go a step further with his next project, or if Wraith is the pinnacle of his imagination. One thing is for sure – West Coast customs team will cater to all their whims.