At the end of June, we informed you that during attempts to shoot the fight scenes for the movie Indiana Jones 5 play the main role Harrison Ford injured his arm. Disney did not disclose at the time how serious the matter was, but did reveal that it would be necessary to reorganize work on the set in order to shoot scenes first without the participation of the hero.

The star is now reporting that another actor was injured during filming. Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious, which would lead to schedule changes again. The newspaper reported that the injury occurred while filming what appeared to be a parade in Manhattan in the late 1960s for a moon landing, which could be an important plot element. The actor, who has not been named, participated in the stalking scene during the show and collapsed and made his way through the orchestra. Given the reactions to the group and the paramedics present, that wasn’t in the scenario. However, the actor got to his feet and indicated to everyone that he was not seriously injured.

1989: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (8.2/10; 1 Oscar)Photo: press material

Recall that working on the set of the film Indiana Jones 5 It takes place in Great Britain. The cast also includes Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renee Wilson, and Thomas Kretschmann. Director James Mangold

Indiana Jones 5 – The premiere is set for July 29, 2022.