The topics for the lectures will be very broad. A Handmaid’s Tale on screen, in comics, names, culture and little-known facts about Russia – these are just some of the topics that scholars have chosen for the series of meetings with young people. Registration for them is already open.

Photo: UwB

– In each issue, we give lectures on various languages, disciplines and epochs, so that both lovers of Polish literature, fans of blogs or video series, and those who are passionate about the secrets of the English language, everyday culture in France or history will find something for themselves – explains Dr. Hob. Monika Bednarjuk from Bialystok University. Frankly, it would be difficult for me to choose one title – I love listening to all the lectures that my colleagues have planned from college – Dr. Monica Bednarjuk.

During his meetings with young people, the scientist will conduct the first planned lecture for February entitled “Exiting the Shadow: Women Writers and Polish Literature (Introduction)”. The entire meeting series consists of five chapters online. The procedure is to generalize issues related to various national literatures and cultures (Polish, French, Russian, Canadian, and British) and linguistics.

The lectures given at “Tygodnia z Filologii UB” (The Week with Philology of Biaystok University) are mainly intended for students of pre-school and high school graduation classes. According to the researchers, the meetings will help students prepare for high school leaving exams in Polish, English, French and Russian.

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The first lectures will start on February 22nd on 10.05. Registration is already in progress. Applications are accepted by email: [email protected].