No appeal has been filed, lawyers are working on the details. Most likely, it will be presented tomorrow – said Leszek Czarnik in “Facts after facts.”

He hoped that the court would quickly consider the appeal.

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He stressed once again that the conditions justifying the expropriation of the owners of the bank were not met. The Idea Bank was not in danger Bankruptcy, either because you are unable to meet your obligations or because you lose cash. The second premise to initiate the action is the lack of prospects for an improvement in the situation, while, as Czarnicky argued, the idea bank position in the 2020-2020 was good.

The bank ended 2020 with big profits. He said that in just the last quarter of its primary business, it had earned 20 million PLN – & nbsp.


He admitted that the bank’s position was bad in 2018, as a result of the negligence of the board of directors at that time. After the dismissal of President Yaroslav Augustiniak, the situation improved.

We wanted to conduct an investigative audit to determine the causes of losses. We have signed a contract with a well-known company that specializes in this type of auditing, Navigant from the UK. Unexpectedly, the Financial Supervisory Authority exercised its veto power and prohibited this agreement for us – mentioned Chernicky.