An interesting new comparison just popped up online, where we can take a look at how the upcoming Resident Evil installment will be paid for on PS5, XSX and XSS.

the first show Resident Evil VillageThe game, which is perhaps one of the most anticipated games in the first half of 2021, is about to take a turn – in fact there are only five days left. This means that there is more and more information of all kinds. Yesterday we could even read about it That inspired creators the mostAnd before that we found out The version of the previous generation had to pass quality tests In the studio.

Today, however, a very interesting video material from the famous YouTuber has appeared on the Internet, ElAnalistaDeBits, Where Three consoles have been compared – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.. Everything in terms of the visual juxtaposition of each other and how the game deals with each of the aforementioned in terms of performance.

The conclusions are quite clear. In terms of graphics, there’s nothing any equipment to be ashamed of. On the PS5 and XSX it’s nearly identical (4K and 60fps), and XSS still shows a lot of categories (1440p and 40fps with ray tracing enabled). On the other hand, there are small differences in terms of operational efficiency. Although both “next major genes” maintain close to 60 frames per second almost all the time, in a Microsoft console it is much more stable in terms of their stability.

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Interestingly, Sony has an advantage in another aspect – The game loads faster. This can be seen in the example from the beta, where the title loads on the PS5 three seconds faster than the XSX. Overall, it can make a difference. You can check out the full article below and we highly recommend you read it!