• The relay team was supposed to win medals at the biggest events. After they became world champions and broke the world record in a hall, everything collapsed. Today there is not much left with the team’s gold
  • The task at the Silesian Stadium in Khorezov was simple. Not many good teams came, so there was a great chance of Olympic qualification. Instead, there was a profession. “We are depressed,” – Carol Zalewski admitted
  • The Poles still have sporting opportunities. At the moment, the score they achieved during the qualifying period gives them an upgrade to the Olympics, but it can all change many times over.
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The task seemed simple, because the unofficial world championships held at the Silesian Stadium in Khorezov were not attended by a few big teams. So that was enough to qualify for the finals. Then the Olympic tickets will be in the pockets of our athletes. Unfortunately, in the final in a row, Italian Vladimir Assetti skipped Karol Zalowski and the White Reds will be missed in Sunday’s final. It was just 0.23 seconds less than happy.

Not surprisingly, the Poles sat long after the race, staring with stray eyes at the unknown destination.

– I wasn’t expecting any cool shape, because I went through two very difficult months. It was mainly fighting Coronavirus. Through what we each submitted separately, we tried to shape the Olympic Promotion. We fought, but that wasn’t enough – said Kagitan Dossinski, who ran in the first period.

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This was continued by Carol Zalowski. An Italian at home directly overtook him.

I think we lost a lot during the first period between Cagtec and Darek Kowallock. What about me? I felt the Italian wanted to drag me. So, after 50 pm I overtook it. In relay races, it happens that the person running on the back of the main competitor has a little more strength. However, I didn’t want to run after the Italian. I am a different kind of player. If I don’t run at 300 meters, then this time at the finish line is not good – Zalewski explained.

– In the beginning, we had a winning position, because not many relay races came. Looking at the competitors we faced in our series, we thought we could easily take second place and play in the Final. Otherwise happened. We are depressed – he added.

Zalewski, when asked if Jakub Krzewina being stopped by POLADA happened, it was easier for him to get promoted, he replied: – No. This run will be slower, as Cuba was not quite ready this year.

He also revealed that his teammates from the relay were not aware of Krzewina’s problems. Like everyone else, they found out through the media.

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The Poles still have sporting opportunities to go to the Olympics. Now for the 12 teams already set in Tokyo (USA, Jamaica, Belgium, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, Botswana), four will match the best times of the qualifying period. So far, in this ranking, Piao Ziruni leads.

Here is a summary of the countries currently experiencing the best times among the ineligible countries:

  • Poland – 3.02.56
  • Indy – 3.02.59
  • Brazil – 3.02.84
  • Mexico – 3.02.89

At the moment, the Czechs are below the line – 3.02.97.

From Chorzów – Tomasz Kalemba, Onet Sport