[UPDATE] Maro Engel, Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car driver, took to Twitter to announce the Black Series test at the Nürburgring, but there was no official attempt to score a lap.

It’s an eventful week in terms of records after getting to know me SSC Tuatara’s incredible speedMercedes-AMG seems to have set its own record. Rumors have been about how the Black Series could try to break the Nurburgring record for a produced car for a while, and the record appears to have happened on Monday.

YouTuber Misha Sherden was the first to announce Lap record for the RS Q8 SUV At Nordschleife before Audi made the official news, and now he has a similar announcement. After a botched attempt last Friday due to bad weather, Mercedes-AMG is back at the start of this week intent on toppling the Lamborghini Aventador SuperPlus Jota.

I did exactly that, as the ring rolled in in about 6 minutes 43 seconds. Bear in mind that this is not the official time recorded by the Black Series because it is an estimate by Misha Sherroen. We’ll have to wait for Mercedes-AMG to confirm (or deny) the performance, but it looks like the boys and girls from Affalterbach may have improved. Aventador SVJ 6: 44.97 The exact time is in July 2018.

And Black Series has already shown off its Hockenheim performance cut with Sport Auto’s Christian Gebhardt behind the wheel. The most powerful Mercedes-AMG outside of the supercar was one faster than the McLaren 720S and Ferrari Pista, so this potential record in the Nürburgring wouldn’t necessarily be a big surprise.

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It seems highly unlikely that the street car will come close in the foreseeable future to the impressive lap time achieved by the Porsche 919 Evo. The track-only machine carries the candid “ Ring Record ” by entering the tough German racetrack 5: 19.54 With Porsche Racing driver Timo Bernard on the head.