A spacious bathroom is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, the area of ​​​​the room in the purchased apartment does not always correspond to our dreams, it is often smaller than we would like. Can a mysteriously small space be expanded? naturally! Just follow a few tips for optical zoom inward.

Take care of ease of use of the bathroom

Before you put your ideas for a more spacious bathroom into practice, plan where to put all the furniture and appliances you need. Thanks to this, you will more consciously choose the methods of illusory area expansion. visit Bathroom salon in Katowice or other city (Katowice Baths) and was inspired by the solutions used there. Remember that plumbing forces your washing machine or bathtub to be placed in one location, not another. So, when it comes to where to put your devices, you don’t have an unlimited choice. Also, do not forget about proper ventilation, which affects the functionality of the room.

How to enlarge a small bathroom?

There are several ways to visually expand the bathroom, which will also be useful when arranging other rooms. It is worth getting to know them long before choosing any tiles, paints or furniture. The place where you can see ideas for creating spaciousness in the interior, not only in the photo bathrooms. Here are some ways to deceptively expand the space.

Choose the big tiles

Oversized tiles that reflect light will create the illusion of a larger area. It is also worth choosing porcelain stoneware or terracotta that does not have small and intricate patterns. Katowice Tile Exhibition Offers a large selection of this type of tiles. If you choose a rectangular wall ceramic tile, then you need to know that its horizontal arrangement will visually expand the bathroom, and vertically – it will create the impression of a higher room.

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Set a background for the photo

A photo that captures the entire wall and shows a landscape (sea or mountain) will create the impression that the bathroom does not end at a certain wall, but extends somewhere deeper into the landscape. Given the humidity in the bathroom, wallpaper should be placed on glass or laminated.

Illuminate all angles

The lighting has the right distribution and intensity, as well as the right color, with the properties of expanding space. A bright bathroom, in which there are no shaded areas, will look more spacious and elegant.

Use shiny materials

Glossy furniture, mirror tiles and taps, a massive mirror without frames, a shower cabin made of smooth and completely transparent glass – all these elements, reflecting light, visually expand the bathroom.

Put bright colors

You know for sure that dark colors create the illusion of a smaller space. It is worth using this knowledge when arranging interiors. To increase the size of the bathroom, use colors such as white, light gray, green, soft blue, beige and pink.