Part of the LoLa community just can’t handle the increased toxicity, so they prefer to switch to the mobile version of the game from Riot.

On the Internet, you can find posts where players are searching for people to play League of Legends: Wild Rift, the new mobile version of LoL on the phone.

The decision to switch to mobile devices demonstrates that laughing out loud “causes them to be cancer.” Is Wild Rift actually less toxic?

Less toxicity in Wild Rift?

The toxicity issue in League of Legends is still very big. For a long time, players believed that the developers did not deal with it at all. They often bluntly say they are victims of insults and threats by showing screenshots of private messages in public. What frustrated LoL players say is often so intense that the entire manifesto needs censorship.

A studio employee – Riot Wozzer – posted a screen of the statement directed at him on his account. A wave of hatred poured out of the text, and Rioter himself decided it was a mistake, as he was always giving him the ability to publicly send private messages to him in this way to help players and hear their opinions instead of reading about someone he desires. His family is dead.

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Calling names, desires of the worst illnesses or tragedies in the family are standard texts that can be read in the chat during the game. There are also vulgar mockings, assessments of every mistake and mockery of origin, gender, age, and more. Today it’s impossible to find a player who has already spent time in League of Legends and hasn’t experienced aggression in in-game chat.

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A tired society doesn’t always deal with the behavior of its teammates. Aside from those who give up LoL at all due to toxicity (and for example, switching to single-player games), there is also a group that has decided to give creators another chance and try their hand at the mobile version of this title – Wild Rift.

So far, “LoL for phones” is completely different from its classic version. Not that the game has other champions (although this may happen in the future – League of Legends on PC won’t be a priority? Wild Rift with its own characters). The difference is that the mobile version of the game, through various advertisements and promotions on social media and even on television, has gained an influx of new players who often have a mentality different from that of veterans. The difference also, according to some, is that Wild Rift doesn’t have a chat.

It’s difficult to assess whether Portable LoL will protect itself from the toxicity that has ruined its classic version for years. Some players hope so. Others think that in every Riot game, inappropriate behavior is the norm, and no matter if it’s League of Legends or Valorant, you’ll always encounter trolls or poisons sooner or later.