Based on reports NASAHikers to find life forms may have to dig two meters or more deep into the soil of Mars. This is because Ionizing cosmic radiation rapidly destroys ‘particles of life’Like amino acids. It acts as a component for building proteins, which in turn are essential to building the life as we know it. Proteins They are used to produce enzymes that speed up or regulate chemical reactions and create special structures.

Cosmic radiation will also be a very difficult problem Future manned missions. Martian caves can be a refuge for astronauts because a thick layer of rock protects them from harmful radiation.

in Caves There may also be water, which is necessary for life. In addition, the settlements located there may reveal secrets related to the past of the entire planet. Given the above aspects, it is likely that there is some function in the depths of the Martian soil Extraterrestrial life forms.

Scientists, before sending people to the Red Planet, will want to carefully explore the best places for future missions. So the idea of ​​creation arose Martian Caveman – ReachBot.

The robot would need to be able to pick up the anchor points on the cave walls, but to do that it would need a very sophisticated system independent movement. Scientists compare the robot to Spider-Man and his nets, which help him navigate skyscrapers.

The machine will be the size of a furnace, with booms fitted with a ‘toothed clutch’ and testing equipment – so that areas normally inaccessible to larger equipment can be analyzed. In different concepts, the robot moves by grasping, pushing or crawling rocks.

The project to build a Martian caveman received funding from the program Innovative Advanced Concepts Program from NASA. In the first stage of research, the research team from the USA proved that the concept of the project is feasible, in the second stage, the work will focus on 3D simulation, building a prototype of the robot and developing the strategy of operating the system. Finally, the team will test ReachBot in a real-world environment.

The robot will also likely be equipped with cameras, microscopes, and various types of research lasers and will be able to use them. lidar (remote sensing method). The equipment will be connected to the rover that will be installed on the roof. It will save power at the same time and act as a contact relay. In addition, the robot will be equipped with Special sampling system.

This type of robot also has the ability to carry out missions directly in space, for example International Space Station. You will then perform certain tasks so that the astronauts can make better use of their time.

Robots can perform minor repairs and maintenance of space stations in outer space. In addition to studying Caves on MarsThey can also investigate Caves on the Moon.

Scientists need at least a few more years to be able to test ReachBot in this field.

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