Looking at eBay sales numbers, chess has become your new favorite hobby. EBay spokeswoman Kara Gibson, citing the New York Times, reports that the company recorded 215 percent of its share of sales. Increase sales of chess sets and their accessories.

Of the different types of chess, wooden chess is the most popular one – its sales are ten times higher than that of plastic or glass sets. Sales of vintage sets increased sevenfold, as did sales of devices, including chess watches and timers, which were up 45 times from last month. Although the epidemic also undoubtedly contributed to the increase in the popularity of the game of chess, the series settled this strong position of the game.

When it comes to Poland, we do not have sales data, however, using Google Trends, we can clearly indicate an increase in interest in chess. Comparing the phrases “Queen’s Gambit” and “Allegro chess”, it turns out that in the period from October to November the interest in buying chess increased almost fourfold.

Additional data from Google Trends shows the prevalence of phrases like “wooden chess” (350%), “how to play chess” (200%) in the past three months; Chess for kids (at 180%); “Chess Rules” (by 150%); Learn to play chess (60 percent). There were also questions like “Chess for the Idiot” … for those who rated their skills very low.

Interestingly, the chain is also used by the sellers, and for a chess set similar to the one that the series champion uses, we will have to pay more than 400 Polish zlotys.

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David Lada, a spokesperson for the International Chess Federation, commented, “The chess community has fallen in love with this series because it successfully depicts different aspects of chess in all its richness: It is easy enough to play, but also complex enough to be difficult”, the growing popularity of chess known In the name of FIDE.