The science of nature through experiences. This possibility is introduced by the newly opened educational workshop titled “A Drop of Knowledge” at Biawa Waterworks. Primary school students will use the workshop.

Classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography conducted there will cover mainly three thematic groups: water, soil and air.

– This is an important initiative that has created new opportunities to conduct education in a pleasant and friendly place – says Vice-President of Primary School No. 3 in Biała Podlaska, Content Coordinator on the project, Agnieszka Welik. We are moving towards the environment, i.e. water resources. There will also be lessons here on how to save water, but also why is the water polluted, what can be done about it? Most importantly, he will learn through experience, i.e. learning by doing.

The laboratory is equipped with laboratory equipment. Today (April 22) the students of Elementary School No. 3 in Białowa Podlaska had the opportunity to see it. – It’s beautifully decorated. Students say, you can learn a lot.

A weather station with a set of professional measuring instruments was also set up next to the studio.

The creation of the studio is a joint initiative of the Bialskopodlaska Environmental Foundation, the Biawa waterworks, as well as primary schools in the city.

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