On the Patronite site, where Radio 357 is now the second largest recipient (only Radio Nowy ¦wiat’s creators get more money from recipients), radio operators led by Tomasz Michniewicz have launched a new collection threshold, which amounts to 615,000 PLN. PLN per month. As announced, this amount would allow Radio 357 to achieve three goals.

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Radio will launch 357 gadget stores if it collects 615K. PLN per month

485 m. zlotys per month, i.e. the previous limit, was to ensure the creation of a modern internet radio, where you can hear, among others, Marek Nidovicki, Marcin Shukawski, Piotr Stillmatch, and Katarzyna Borovica. The money was also supposed to allow the production of newspaper and sports programs.

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“Radio 2.0” – as they call it – will be virtually operational in February and March, although some changes will have to wait until the end of the year. “Full Radio 2.0” means not only the antenna, but also the functionality of the application and websites that allow the selection of individual content (work is already in progress here) and the algorithms that must have time to “learn” our users (and they are continuing! The last quarter of this year, while, of course, the various elements and functions of this system will be launched earlier “- write the creators on the station’s Facebook profile.

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615 thousand per month, 357 creators want to use it also for promotion and marketing. As they explain, they address the audience on the group’s website, which “will allow us to reach many new people who may not yet know about Radio 357’s existence and are not sponsors. The more radio range, the better for everyone (also for you).” Additionally, they want to run a hardware store where you can buy editor mugs, T-shirts, and stickers. The third goal is to try to broadcast programs from outside the radio studio:

If regulations and the epidemiological situation allow for this, we will broadcast some programs “from the field”, from outside the studio. From parks, cafes, theaters and other cities other than Warsaw. Radio 357 wants to be “among the people”, but really, not symbolically.

Radio 357 Team reported to the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal that on its first day of operation, it scored 273 thousand. Unique users (that is, many different devices launched broadcasts during the entire day).