The game is a legend. Sometimes this phrase is overused, but perhaps a few players are disgusted with its use in connection with the first earthquake. Perhaps we will remember him soon.

The iconic earthquake in new clothes?

The topic was brought up for the upcoming QuakeCon 2021 by Bethesda representatives themselves. It seemed like there was something in Grid inadvertently that had to be kept a secret. It’s a sign that Quake is back.

However, it does not appear to be a remake of the series, but an updated version of Quake from 1996. The announcement will be enriched by a panel discussion with John Lineman of Digital Foundry and Jerek Gustafsson of Machine Games. Why with the representative of this studio? Because it is the creators of the Wolfenstein series who will add additional content to the updated id Software game.

Would you be pleased with the official announcement of such a project? Do you have an adventure with the original behind you?

Harmonogram QuakeCon 2021

So much for unofficial reports, although their source is as mentioned. There are absolutely no doubts about the other attractions being prepared for QuakeCon 2021. Just like the fact that those interested in individual panels/shows/tournaments/music shows will be able to catch up on the broadcasts via the Twitch platform.

There will also be contests and game sales, which players always welcome with a smile. As revealed now, you’ll be able to buy for example Fallout 76 at 67% off, DOOM Eternal Deluxe at 75% off, or Dishonored 2 Deluxe Edition at 85% off. There will also be gifts in the form of digital items to use in specific games (for example, the QuakeCon Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal).

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QuakeCon 2021

Source: Bethesda